1953 Sears J.C. Higgins Colorflow

Here is one of my favourite 50’s bicycles. It has everything I like. Jewelled “Buick” style portholes, twin striped fenders, beehive springer, Batwing light, cool dual twin exhaust jet style rear carrier with MORE red jewels!! This example is one I’ve only owned about 12+ years. It has partial “repaint” on frame, complete repaint on light, carrier, and c-guard, straight solid tank has been redone, and paint touch ups here and there , but enough original paint/patina to make it look “rideable” which it is on occasion. Currently sporting good used ( once had correct NOS Allstate Safety Tread b/w’s..needed $$ had to sell..dang)mismatched Allstate w/w tires ( one is a Premium, one a Safety Tread.. I could use a partner for each if someone has an excellent used one of either for sale, or one of each EVEN..LOL..!) You need a strong back to lift this one up the basement stairs! ( batteries alone add to the weight!) Cheers, Bob

J.C. Higgins Colorflow

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