Category: Antique Bicycles

1920’s Iver Johnson Diamond Frame

The common diamond frame design makes this Iver Johnson bicycle a basic model. Iver Johnson was well known for its deluxe truss-frame and their marketing phrase “Trust the Truss”. Iver Johnson’s time tested bicycle...

1930’s Colson Flyer

This 1930’s Colson Flyer has nice original paint for its age. Equipped with a toolbox tank and truss fork. 1930’s Colson Flyer bicycle with 28″ wheels.  Toolbox tank with original decal intact. 

1915 Sears Chief Motorbike

This 1915 Chief, made by the Davis Sewing Machine company and sold by Sears is one of the nicest original in the country. This bike is about as original as they get. The pedal...