1936 Hawthorne Duralium Flo-Cycle

The aluminum frame on this Monark built Hawthorne Duralium has a piece of springed steel behind the crank housing, and springed steel rod inside the rear stays allowing the rear of the frame to flex for a softer ride. The Monark branded version of this bike was known as the Flocycle, and had a few differences, most notably the truss rods and head casting.

1936 Monark Hawthorne Silverking 1.jpg
Aluminum Monark built Duralium with flexible rear end for cushioned ride. 

1936 Monark Hawthorne Silverking 2.jpg
Troxel Tool-Box saddle with rear trap door. 

1936 Monark Hawthorne Silverking 3.jpg
Cast aluminum housing for the Stewart Warner Clipper speedometer. 

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